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Japan in Melbourne

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After a certain number of years living abroad, I started to look at my country, Japan, with a different perspective and noticed that I took many things for granted. I must admit that culturally Japanese people can sometimes be stubborn and lack flexibility. However, I know how courteous and reliable they can be too. Western culture definitely has more freedom, respect for individuality and less self-consciousness. But as much as I like these positive sides of Western culture, I love my country and my people.

It is always great to contribute something toward my country. During the last few months there were 3 events in Melbourne in honour of Japanese cities; Tokyo, Kouchi & Kurashiki. I had an oppotunity to photograph these events. People came from Japan to introduce their local specialities; products, food and culture. The Melbourne based Tryber Pty Ltd team hosted these events and played a perfect role in providing a bridge between Japan and Australia. A lot of volunteers and artists also got involved and lead to these events becoming a success.

I feel privileged to have been a part of such a great event. It is always an enormous pleasre to work with these people.

P.S  Special thank you to Tryber Managaing Director, Hasegawa-san for having me again.


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The Roundhouse Theatre, London

As production designers for this site specific, Butoh-inspired contemporary dance piece, Block9 created a “frozen moment in time”. The performance is staged ‘in the round’ on a large, central, x- shaped platform with an ethereal, 6m tall, bonsai tree at its centre. The tree, lit from underneath by a bed of LED’s, is constructed from suspended slices of polycarbonate sheet. Around the tree’s canopy, as if startled by an unheard gunshot, fly 2000 origami birds.

This is still one of the best performances that I’ve ever seen.

‘Black Mist’ -The impact of nuclear weapons on Australia-


I had an opportunity to photograph ‘The Peace Concert 2012’ in Melbourne, organised by Japanese For Peace. (link)  Ms. Junko Morimoto was one of the artists who performed at the event. She is a survivor of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. She migrated to Australia from Japan in 1982. Her picture-books are widely read by school children throughout the world and include the autobiographical My Hiroshima.

ICAN (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons) published the brochure below, ‘Black Mist’. It explains the impact of nuclear weapons on Australia and also introduces people whose lives have been affected by nuclear weapons.

I was very honored to have my photo of Ms. Junko Morimoto published in this brochure.