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思い出すキッカケは 写真だったり、音楽だったり、映画だったりと色々。

何歳になっても忘れたくないこと、 きっと誰にでもあるはず。

About me

– 31 October 2016 –

From New York to London

It has been a time of transition for me recently. About a few months ago, I returned to London from NYC.

I always think ‘Life is full of surprises’.

And it was true. This time I experienced a big storm. I didn’t know how to cope with. But I want to believe I have come out of it better and stronger with more kinder hearts to give people. There were moments that I found difficult to take photos. But I didn’t stop when an opportunity came. Every time I photograph a wedding, I find a pleasure in the end. It was interesting to recognise how I could forget and overcome my own difficulties by photographing people.

We encounter full of emotions every day; the joy, the pain, the happiness and the sadness, I would like to continue capturing these moments and documenting our stories.

– 15 April 2015 –

From Australia to New York

I was hoping my favorite season, Spring, would welcome me in this new city but it wasn’t like that at all. In fact, I saw snow in April. I was walking around NYC’s classic tall buildings, wrapping myself with scarf, beanie and gloves but had a lot of hope and excitement toward a new life. NY was not a city I ever thought I could live in. I came here for a holiday in 2009. I remembered that I thought ‘It’d be great if I could live in this city one day’. I never knew this is exactly would happen only a couple of years later. Really, you never know what will happen in life. This is the 3rd foreign country I’ve lived in. I get different feelings each time. This time I’m genuinely excited with what this city brings me.

Looking back to my time in Australia, there were a lot of new experiences and challenges for me. Fortunately I met a lot of creative people over there. These people inspired me in so many ways. Without them, I wouldn’t probably start a photography business. I can’t thank enough for people who believe in me.

One of great things about starting a photography business is that I’m able to meet people through my photography. Seeing people who love my photos really gives me so much energy and happiness.  I hope people that choose me as their photographer look back at my photos later on in their lives and remember the day and how they felt, and if that makes them happy, it will be the thing that gives me the most pleasure in taking photographs.

– 10 September 2010 –

From London to Australia

I went to London from Japan in 2000 without knowing the people, language or culture. I was just excited to see a different world. There was no fear in myself. I learnt many things there, a feeling almost impossible to describe. The people I met & the experiences I had are the most precious things that have happened in my life.  One of many things that I have realised is time with friends is not forever. We can’t take for granted the time we have now. There are a lot of people whom I’ve felt lucky to meet. I hope I can leave the same mark on these people.

For the last 10 years, I have lived in countries that don’t speak my native language. Sometimes communicating was difficult for me, but Art could speak all languages and was fair to everybody. I started to go to museums a lot in my free time. A place where I could forget about everyday chaos. I studied art history. It fascinated me to find out stories behind the paintings’ and artists’ lives.

How photography attracts me is almost the same. One photo captures only one moment but a great photo can have so much emotion & meaning. It doesn’t need words to tell you a story. People can smile & cry from just one photo.

Moving to Australia happened naturally. Although I loved London so much, I had no hesitation to close this door and open a new one. I am excited to find out where this new journey will take me. I know I can’t wait to see it.