About me

I like to find beauty in the little things. I enjoy capturing something that seems ordinary and showing a perspective that makes you wonder or consider it in a whole new light. By living in the moment, we can awaken our senses, notice the delightful and palpable energy around us and capture images of stillness. I want to express the very essence of what I am feeling and observing at the moment I press the shutter.

I believe in capturing authenticity and vulnerability over perfection. I never ask my couples to do anything that is not genuine. On the wedding day there are so many emotions floating through the air effortlessly, gracefully. I’m there to quietly capture those intimate and unscripted moments. I don’t believe in creating a false narrative to portrait a specific wedding story. Beautiful images are always found when the couple forget about the camera and let their guard down.

Although a wedding is a big event, the day will go incredibly fast. Before you realise, it already becomes a memory that can’t rewind. Memories will fade as the years go by, but photographs can draw you back into these magical moments. I try my best to document every piece of the wedding day so that you can look back at your photographs later on in your life and remember the day and how you felt for many years to come.



Takako Drew is a Japanese photographer based in London. She explored interests in art history, music and cultures from all over the world. Living in several countries such as the UK, Australia, USA and Japan has broadened her perspectives and developed to photography.  Takako set up a photography business in 2012 and she has been photographing weddings ever since.