Frequently Asked Questions


Wedding Day

Couple Shoots

Can we meet you before we book?

Yes, absolutely. I love meeting a couple. This way I get to know you more and find out your big day better. It is important for you to feel comfortable to have me on the day as your wedding photographer as well!

If it is difficult to meet, I'm always happy to exchange emails or other alternative options.

How / when / how many photos do we receive?

All the full-size high-resolution photos will be digitally sent to you via We Transfer. Photos are individually edited professionally in colour & bw.

Post production for a wedding shoot typically takes 4-8 weeks of your wedding day.

You can expect to receive about 100 photos per hour.

Also, free 1 year online backup of your photos!

What kinds of packages do you have?

The below is my packages:

- A wedding package for 8 hours
- An elopement package for 4 hours
- A couple package for 2 hours

If you want more flexible hours, I can always tailor the package to your needs.

What advice would you give to the camera-shy couple?

If you're the camera-shy couple, I would say don't think too much of how you will look in the photos. It is my job to take beautiful photos. So trust me and just be yourself :)

Do you offer albums and prints?

Unfortunately I don't. However, for a wedding package, I offer a 20 min slideshow with music that shows your day from the beginning to the end.

Also, you are free to print and share the full size high-resolution photos with family and friends without restriction. There is no watermarks or encryptions.

Do you travel overseas for weddings?

Yes, I love travelling overseas and experiencing new culture. I'm currently based in London, UK. I can fly anywhere from here. Feel free to invite me, a new adventure is always welcome.

What is a good time for you to start shooting?

I normally start approximately 1.5hrs prior to the time you are both scheduled to leave for the ceremony so that I have enough time to take your getting-ready photos.

Do we have to provide meals?

Yes. If you book me for a wedding package, I would expect meals to be included for me (and my assistant if I have).

How many photographers will there be?

I normally shoot a wedding by myself.

Anything we should be aware of on the day?

I would say please enjoy your wedding and don't stress about photos or other things. Really the rest will take care of itself. All the people you hired are there for that reason.

Do we pick the location(s)?

I recommend that you try to choose a location. It is best if I take photos in a place that means something to both of you, such as the location where you first met or where he/she proposed or where you dream about or where suits your interests/personalities. Otherwise choosing somewhere picturesque will never disappoint you.

But if you are unsure, I'm always happy to make suggestions :)

Just be careful some indoor or gov official places might need a permission. Please check the website if they're allowed this type of shoot or not.

What time is the best time to do an outdoor shoot in a day?

Choosing the right time of the day is very important for a couple shoot as you normally have only a few hours.

The color and strength of natural light changes throughout the day. For example, at midday in summer the sun is overhead and generally this is the worst time of day to shoot outdoors as the light will be at its harshest and the shadows hard to control. If you want warm golden tones, the golden hour (in the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset) is a must. I personally love the golden hour in the evening.

Can we take my children or family members or friends?

Yes, of course. Normally the couple can relax more if they are with their close people. This means that I have more chances to take natural moments.

Any advice from a photographer's side?

Pay attention to the season! Some locations are prettier during a specific time of the year. It depends on your preference, but I love cherry blossoms in spring, colourful trees in autumn :)