Location: Southover House, Dorchester, U.K.

I must say that there is nothing more quintessentially British than a countryside manor house wedding. It has traditional elements to English heritage. It’s complete privacy, classic architecture, feeling almost like a home, surrounded by beautiful nature, you can celebrate everything all under the same roof, plus your guests can stay so you don’t need to rush to say good-bye. The wedding is the rare opportunity that all your friends and family get together, you might not see some of them regularly, but often the couple doesn’t have enough time for everyone on the busy wedding day. But doing this way, this problem won’t happen. I love it.

Philippa is from Dorchester. This venue was close to her home so that her family and friends can all attend a wedding easily. They had another wedding ceremony in Japan later, where Nobu is from. The wedding was relaxed and heart-warming. They were surrounded by a lot of love from their close people. Nobu blended in a big group of Phippa’s friends perfectly. It was so nice to see that two different cultures mixed very well. In the end they all danced together. The day was just perfect, like Philippa and Nobu.