Location: Tokyo, Japan

Returning to my country is always a happy journey for me. I had an extra bonus this time as I received an email from Amiko, asking me to photograph her wedding in Tokyo. Without hesitation, I said ‘yes’

Amiko, a New Yorker, and Toru, born and raised in Japan, are two people who serendipitously worked for different branches of the same company. Despite the distance between Japan and the USA, they embraced the opportunity to get to know each other and decided to build a life together. It’s a beautiful story and I want them to continue this story for a long time. I’ve known Amiko since my time in New York, and she is undeniably one of the kindest and sweetest person I’ve ever met.

The wedding ceremony took place at Lever son Verre, a stunning restaurant where families and relatives gathered. Following the ceremony, we moved to the reception venue, Bears Table, where a multitude of friends eagerly awaited Amiko and Toru’s arrival. The venue was buzzing with excitement, and Toru’s university friends treated us to a mesmerizing performance of Japanese calligraphy using their bodies. it was delightful reminder of how Japanese culture can seamlessly blend tradition with joyous celebration.

Amiko and Toru, Congratulations once again. Thank you for allowing me to capture your special day. I hope you both have the most amazing life together.