Location: Tokyo, Japan

Returning to my country is always a happy trip for me. I had an extra bonus this time as I received an email from Amiko who asked me to photograph her wedding in Tokyo. I had no hesitation saying ‘yes’

Amiko is a New Yorker. Toru on the other hand, was born and grew up in Japan. Two people who happened to work for the different branches of the same company. Despite their long distance relationship between Japan and the USA, they embraced the chance to get to know each other and decided to stay together. It’s a beautiful story and I want them to continue this story for a long time. They are a genuinely happy, caring, smart and fun loving couple. I know Amiko from my New York time. She is definitely one of the kindest and sweetest people that I’ve met.

The wedding ceremony was held at Lever son Verre, a beautiful restaurant, where all the families and relatives gathered. Folloing that, we moved to the reception venue Bears Table. There were so many friends who were waiting for Amiko and Toru. The place was literally packed. Toru’s university friends showed us an amazing performance of Japanese calligraphy by using their own body. I have forgotten how Japanese, who are well-known for quiet, reserved and polite, can completely transform into fun characters for special occasions. I must say that the performance was techinically amazing as well as fun to watch.

Amiko and Toru, Congratulations again. I hope you both have the most amazing life together.