Location: Syon House, UK

Camilla and Mike, two of the kindest people, were wed at Syon House. When I received an email from them for the first moment, I knew their wedding was going to be incredible. From the beginning, it was very clear to me just how important their family, friends, and faith are to them. What really stood out to me was their love for other people. I see it through every element of this wedding. The wedding size was big, but the thing they valued most was simply sharing their moments with people that they love. 

Syon House is, needless to say, a magnificent place. The Great Conservatory is in a London home of the Duke of Northumberland, built in the sixteenth century. Every room has a wealth of art, which really took me to a different world. It’s not hard to see why Camilla and Mike fell in love with this place. 

I want to give a huge thank you to Camilla and Mike for giving me this amazing opportunity and trust to tell their story. It was an absolute honor for me to have documented the special day.