Location: London, UK

Jenni and Andrew’s incredibly heart-warming wedding began at Hoxton hotel Southwark, before moving to a beautiful historical place called Charterhouse in Smithfield for the ceremony; the day finished with a wonderful meal and party at French restaurant Le Cafe du Marche, (which became one of my favourite restaurants in London!) The history of Charterhouse dates back to 14th century, when I saw the place, I was stunned how beautifully it had been preserved. Norfolk Cloister, beautifully carved columns and archways while dark brick walls with beautiful natural lights, had a perfect feel for an intimate ceremony. Le Cafe du Marche, a charming family-run restaurant has been going since 1986. It’s romantic, cozy and most importantly, they serve exceptional French cuisine. The choice can’t be more perfect for a foodie couple like Jenni & Andrew. In fact, Jenni is a rising food photographer herself. Her creativity and passion toward food photography are something that I deeply admire. Check her work here!

A truly lovely couple, Jenni & Andrew, thank you so much for giving me your full trust and telling your beautiful story. It was such a romantic wedding and made me feel very grateful that I was a part of your special day.