Location: London, UK

I’ve had the privilege of photographing many international weddings, and I’m always struck by the emotions of parents sending their daughter or son off to a foreign land. Some people marry close to home, while others venture far away. Above all, parents cherish their child’s happiness. Yet, the feelings of parents bidding farewell to children they’ve lovingly raised must be incredibly profound. This is something I always sense through my camera.

Kyoka and Callum are the epitome of an international couple. Kyoka, born and raised in Japan, came to London to study piano at university, where she crossed paths with Callum, a fellow student in music composition. Their shared love of music brought them together. I’ve always admired how couples sharing a passion can forge an even deeper bond. Despite the challenges of a long- distance relationship, their deep connection remained unbroken, leading them to the next stage: marriage. Surrounded by the warmth and blessings of their families and friends, they are ready to embark on their journey together. I wish them a lifetime of happiness as they build their future together. Thank you, Kyoka and Callum, for allowing me to photograph your beautiful wedding.

Ceremony: Fitzrovia Chapel

Reception: Arros QD

Hair & Make-up Artist: Instagram @minina_life