Location: Melboure, Australia

Two beautiful people from a different country met each other in Melbourne, their favourite city. They grew their love over the years and decided to tie the knot. The ceremony was held at the Treasury Building, the registration office in Melbourne CBD. The reception was at Ryoma’s friend’s restaurant Heirloom, which served beautiful French-Japanese cuisine.

I met Ryoma when I worked for a online magazine as a writer/photographer. I was mainly writing about art, fashion and music events by interviewing the artists and photographing exhibitions or concerts. Ryoma was an editor. When he introduced me to Rebecca, we instantly clicked. She has been my best friend since then. I honestly think I was very lucky to meet these two in Melbourne.

Shooting their wedding was such an honour. But at the same time I got too emotional as a photographer. I could barely hold my camera still when I saw Rebecca walk the ‘virgin road’ toward Ryoma, who had tears in his eyes. I felt strong love from the way Ryoma looked at his beautiful wife, Rebecca who seemed to be nervous but I saw her joy and happiness. It was such a beautiful day to remember. I don’t think I will ever forget this wedding.

Hair&make-up: Yumi Conaghty