Location: Melboure, Australia

Being entrusted to capture the love story of my dearest friends, who found each other in the heart of their beloved Melbourne, was an absolute honour. From the tender exchange of vows at the Treasury Building to the jubilant celebration at Heirloom, every moment was filled with the warmth of their affection. Witnessing Ryoma’s tearful eyes as he beheld his radiant bride, Rebecca, walking towards him, and feeling Rebecca’s nervous excitement transform into pure bliss, filled my heart with joy.

Rebecca and Ryoma, your bond as a couple is truly inspiring. I’ve always admired the strength you share. I have no doubt that together, you will create a beautiful life, no matter what comes your way. May your journey together be filled with endless love and joy.

                                                                                             Hair&make-up: Yumi Conaghty